The Mobile Approach to ORS/SRS Rescoring

| July 7, 2019



It is inevitable that at least one of your clients will want to, at least one time, revise their ORS (Outcome Rating Scale) and/or SRS (Session Rating Scale) score. The mechanisms for doing this in the web application are probably familiar to most folk. What you may not be aware of is that there two mechanisms available in the Mobile App itself for revising scores. Using either of these mechanisms can help you avoid the need to log into your web account via the MO Web icon at the bottom of the Mobile app page.

The first mechanism available to your clients is also the simplest. After completing either the ORS or the SRS, the client will have a page to review their choice for positioning of each item slider. If they want to change, they can backspace and readjust the sliders for each item. If they agree with the positions, they can commit their selection, and they will see the graph/summary. This opportunity to change the values prior to committing is available whether they are using your device (logged into your account) or if they log into their own devices, using the login credentials that you have provided to them.

The second mechanism is only available when you, the provider, are logged into the Mobile app. After the initial ORS (first session) has been completed, the icon with the curved arrow will become available…just as what happens in the web app. The appearance of this icon indicates that, other than that initial ORS survey, you now have available the option to delete the previous ‘session.' In other words, if your client decides during their session, or some later time, that they want to change their ORS, they will be able to do so if you delete that session. Deleting the session means that your client will then be able to redo the ORS. If they haven't completed the SRS at the time that the issue of changing the ORS arises, you can access the Skip SRS function by clicking on the curved arrow icon. Once the app shows that the next ORS session is available, click the curved arrow icon and then select delete previous session. Both the SRS (skipped or otherwise) and the ORS that your client wants to be changed will be removed. They can then complete the ORS for the original session as they wish and then complete the SRS.

If you have any functionality questions, please don't hesitate in contacting our customer support team. Our goal is to provide unparalleled service.

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