The Path to Successful Implementation Winds On

| August 13, 2019

ImplementationInterpreting MyOutcomes Data

Having completed the first step in implementing the Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) system and the MyOutcomes software into your organization, you are probably feeling ready to begin the next step. After all, you and your staff have been using MyOutcomes for several months. You now find your coffers filled with FIT data.

So, what are you to do now?

As you certainly know by now, routinely measuring client feedback is vital for building and sustaining a more efficient and effective practice. But numbers from this measurement laid out on a spreadsheet don't mean much without also having the ability to interpret and apply the data to real cases, to real clinicians, to real practices, and to a real agency.

Where do you get the training and guidance to dig into the data so that it will inform your clinician's therapy and contribute to their professional growth?

We have the answer to that question. We have a number of training options available to you. You will want to talk with our staff to see what is best for you. On the other hand, if you have already purchased training, e.g. our On Track program, you may be already set to go. You need only schedule a meeting with your training consultant.

Here is a short list of what a consultation can provide to you:

1) Connect the data to deliberate practice and ongoing session adjustments. This, in turn, will help facilitate reducing no shows, decreasing dropouts, and creating opportunities for more service recipients to have success;

2) Find out what the graphs tell you in a glance;

3) Understand individual practitioner and organizational/agency effect size for sessions;

4) Discover how to use the data to inform funders and oversight agencies; 5) Use the average number of sessions and the percentage meeting Expected Treatment Response to create professional growth opportunities while increasing morale and offsetting vicarious trauma.

If you are ready to continue on your path to becoming an evidence-based practice, we are here to walk that path with you. If you are ready for your agency to move to the next level, please reach out to us or contact your consultant/trainer to schedule a consultation.

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