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| June 20, 2019

FIT eLearning for Graduate Students

In the course of any day, I talk with dozens of our customers. It isn't uncommon for me to be asked about the benefits of our FIT eLearning program, especially in respect to introducing it into the already busy lives of graduate students and interns.

My view on this is quite simple. The FIT eLearning program will be beneficial to anyone engaging in any level of therapy, coaching, or support. Unless a school's graduate curriculum already includes teaching the FIT model, graduate students will benefit from the training as well as interns. I have given many presentations in graduate courses, and I have found that graduate students are very excited about learning more about and using MyOutcomes/FIT. It's easy for the rest of us, as we've settled into our lives, to forget the energy and eagerness that consume graduate students and interns in their voracious consumption of any knowledge that will help them develop into their ideal of a psychotherapist.


MyOutcomes works with agencies that have been mandated to use outcome measures for their funding. These agencies find themselves in the challenging position of having to build a culture of feedback while simultaneously getting their providers to start generating data as soon as possible. Although it is beneficial to complete all twelve lessons, we recommend to these agencies that they have their staff complete the first six lessons at minimum, before starting to use MyOutcomes. These agencies develop implementation plans that build in the expectation for their providers to complete the other six lessons after they have become familiar with using MyOutcomes and integrating the ORS & SRS into their individual practices.


Educational programs might consider adopting this same strategy. An important point to consider is that the training modules are self-paced. Students can work on completing FIT eLearning without compromising their other coursework. As long as your students/trainees have access to their provider accounts, they will be able to complete the course.


Aside from mastering FIT and MyOutcomes, there is an additional benefit for students to complete the training. As the push for evidence-based practices and outcomes measurement moves forward, those students with experience and knowledge in both will be most competitive. MyOutcomes is one of only two tools listed in SAMHSA as an evidence-based outcomes tool. As many of the agencies that I work with require their staff to demonstrate successful completion of FIT training before working with clients, I suspect that the certificate of completion for FIT eLearning will be an additional strength that you provide your graduate students and trainees when they enter the job market. I see this as a win for any school or program preparing their students to take on the mental health needs of today and tomorrow.

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