Therapist Marketing Tip #9: Creating Referrals for Therapists Who Work with Children

| February 21, 2013
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It has been my observation that therapists who work with children grow their caseloads faster and receive more referrals. Why would that be?

School Systems

It seems it is much easier to find the younger clients because of the school systems. Once you establish a relationship with a couple of schools the referrals consistently come in usually from October until May. There really isn’t that type of resource for adult clients which make it tougher to build your practice.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth for kids seems to build a practice more than for adults. You'll notice that parents will easily give their therapist's information to another parent, but not necessarily to co-workers or others about their therapist or even that they know one.


Another good referral source for children is pediatricians once you have established a relationship, referrals will come. This is where MyOutcomes Children's Individual Progress Summary Reports can give you a competitive advantage building that relationship.

How can MyOutcomes give me a competitive advantage establishing relationships with ANY referring Professionals?

MyOutcomes' Individual Progress Reports contain insightful comparisons which you can share with the pediatricians or school counselor electronically. Take the Pediatrician or school counselor out to lunch and present a sample of an Individual's Progress Report. Pediatricians/Counselors are impressed with the professional look, content, and timeliness of these reports. This advanced reporting is a competitive advantage and will help cement your relationship with these professionals and get you their referrals over other therapists.

Some great opportunities will open up for you, particularly arising out of targeted networking efforts with relevant youth groups.

Child Progress Report

Next week, creating referrals for therapists who work with adults.

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