Take your website to the next level – Therapist Marketing Tip #6

| October 25, 2012

therapist website, therapist marketingLast week’s Therapist Marketing Tip #5 suggested you take an impartial look at the copy on your website.  If it doesn’t effectively connect and inform those who are visiting you may want to consider some changes. You could edit the content, to make it easier to read and more effective at answering the questions most visitors to your site have.

The question this week is what else can you do the therapist website?

This week’s suggestion is to add two offering to your website.  The first addition is a newsletter sign up form and the second option is a downloadable report.

The newsletter sign up gives visitors the ability to receive a monthly newsletter full of informative articles. It also allows you to build up a database of potential clients e-mail addresses and keeps your name in their minds on a regular basis.

But what about people who don't want a newsletter?

That's where the second new feature fits in. It is a downloadable report, in the example above the topic was “five ways to improve your communication skills”. The tips are general so they could apply in a marriage, with your kids or at work.

So how does this help bring in new clients?

In the report, you include information about your practice, area of specialty and contact information. This way, if someone downloads the report they will have everything they need to contact you. The other factor is that you’ve given them this report for free which builds reciprocity.

Do you get their e-mail address? No, many people are hesitant to give out an e-mail address the first time they visit any website. They are worried they are going to get spammed. So by making the report an easy download you build trust and a connection, that could end up with them using your services.

The other feature about both the report and the newsletter is that if they are well done they become a valuable resource that can be passed on. This will spread the knowledge of who you are and how you're different from other therapists.


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