Is your website chasing away clients? Therapist Marketing Tip 5

| October 18, 2012

Therapist Marketing

With a large percentage of people searching the internet for health information, the therapist’s website is now a key point of contact with potential clients

Make sure the message on your website is drawing them to you, not chasing them away.

Try viewing your front page from a potential client's perspective, ideally have someone else look it over. The key questions to ask are:

1)    Is there an excess of information on the front page? Will a visitor feel overwhelmed and move on before they find what they are looking for?

2)    Does your front page address the concerns of someone visiting your site looking for help? Generally people go to a counselling site because they are in pain and need help. Can they find the answers they seek within the first few seconds?  If they do not they will quickly move on.

Take the information you have accumulated from the above questions and adjust your site's content to simply and clearly address the main reasons why people visit your site. Changing a website is a big step so go slowly. Have your potential changes checked over before implementation to see if they will accomplish what you are setting out to do.

For more website related information, check out this video.

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