What every talk therapy professional needs in 2021

Trusted internationally for more than 10 years as a trans-theoretical, transcultural psychotherapy outcome management solution, with this latest release MyOutcomes mobile app for smart phones and tablets has become even more accessible and easy to use. If you haven’t been using MyOutcomes, we hope you will try our latest app. We have made significant improvements and I would really appreciate your feedback. New Features Include:

Customized Client Access- We have added a custom message field to personalize the communications your clients receive. This is game changing for MyOutcomes Mobile app users who currently use the Spanish, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, or German as the interface language. Now they can add a personalized note or create a default message to help introduce the measures to their clients or patients.

Password Keeper Upgrade- Now accepts thumbprint, retinal and facial recognition authentication options making typing in passwords a thing of the past.

Practicing Telehealth?
MyOutcomes makes the collection of Outcomes and Session Ratings as simple as asking the questions in conversation. It even has an offline mode that works when there is no cell or Wi-Fi service available.

Seeing clients in person?
As we move back to normal in-person sessions, clients are still encouraged to use their own device instead of sharing and sanitizing each time. MyOutcomes makes it easy with 4 new ways to give clients access:

Send Access: It can be as simple as opening Give Access and clicking the button to send an email with access options to the client.

Single Reminder: This option provides the opportunity to preselect a time and date to send an email with a customizable message to remind them to complete the scales and provide them with login access.

Recurring Reminder: Clicking the Recurring Reminder button will open a page that now includes the custom message field option. Great for weekly group sessions. 

Direct Access Link: This is the way to eliminate login issues. Simply share the link in real time through your text or chat function. This link will enable the client to access their survey with one click.

Instant Access
A new two-month free trial option means no more waiting to try MyOutcomes, just sign up and receive login by email immediately. 

Ready to try it out? Download it now for free from the Google Play or  App Store.

MyOutcomes has also added a number of new features to it’s US, Canadian and International web-based applications.

What’s New?  
First, we have added a new side-by-side comparison features to the MyOutcomes Dashboard. This feature was requested to help measure micro-improvements in performance for professionals who are using MyOutcomes to augment their Deliberate Practice.

Second, you will notice that a mass deactivation feature has been added to the Provider Console area. It has been observed that many agencies using MyOutcomes have a lot of cases that have never been closed. This feature allows groups of clients that had their last session in the same time period to all be selected and closed at once.

The third change you may have seen is that the roll over definitions for a number of the predictive and descriptive statistics in MyOutcomes have changed. This is the first step in a series of changes we will be making over the next few months to support a standardization of terms across all Feedback-Informed Treatment and Deliberate Practice platforms that comply with the International Center for Clinical Excellence version of the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS).

So, do you agree this is what all talk therapy professionals need in 2021?

Use with up to five clients for free

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MyOutcomes is a psychotherapy outcome measurement app with a stop light signaling system that provides session-by-session cues showing client’s progress and indicating if the course of therapy is on or off track. The Outcome Rating Scale and Session Rating Scale (ORS & SRS) track key factors known to influence all psychotherapeutic treatment outcomes. Individualized benchmarks based on personally relevant questions are used to routinely monitor and predict treatment outcomes. Designed for simplicity and speed, MyOutcomes ensures a more successful therapeutic experience for all.