What Makes a Super Shrink?

Thanks to the seminal work of K. Anders Ericsson, and growing body of FIT Deliberate Practice research, we know it’s not just ‘good genes’ or the ‘right’ therapeutic model that make the difference, it’s effort spent in a reflective practice of looking for ways to improve performance.

Over the years, I know MyOutcomes different dashboard reporting parameters and graphical representations have contributed to the identification of growth areas and provided incremental measures of micro improvements in performance for many…we help create super shrinks.

If you have never had the opportunity to have all of your client sessions tracked and reported for you in real time, you may not understand how quickly MyOutcomes data can help you gain insights into client progress and treatment outcomes.

To help you imagine how the MyOutcomes experience can help track and improve treatment outcomes, we have populated a read-only account with made up cases. You can gain instant access for free. Try out the tools others are using to power their quality improvement initiatives and meet accountability requirements.

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