What's New in MyOutcomes® Web Services Version 17.5?

| December 3, 2017

MyOutcomes® Web Services Version 17.5

MyOutcomes® is excited to share great news on the new features available on the Web Services Version 17.5 accessible to MyOutcomes® clients and participating agencies and organizations.

If you are a current subscriber of MyOutcomes®, you are qualified to use the MyOutcomes® Integration Services designed to facilitate specific management areas in large agencies and organizations. For further development and efficiency of MyOutcomes® services, we are providing the following four services (Client Integration, Client Data Integration, User Integration, and Single Sign-On) which can easily be incorporated into existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other similar platforms that clients, agencies, and organizations utilize.

With the MyOutcomes® subscription, you can take advantage of the following four new features:

The first feature is Client Integration which is ideal for agencies with large amounts of clients being added and removed from their system.

This service simplified entering and updating client information in the user's EHR and in MyOutcomes® for maximum efficiency. Entering clients' information one by one will take providers an enormous amount of time but with the Client Integration service, personal client data entered into the organization's EHR can be easily transferred into the providers MyOutcomes® account with just one click of a button- saving time.  Client Integration service allows the provider to shift focus on administering sessions rather than entering personal client data one by one.

The second feature that agencies can use is the Client Data Integration which avails agencies to view client data and client reports in one place: their EHR and/or keep a copy of client data on their own server. Essentially, through this feature, there is an easier access and increased security on client data and reports. It can be customized to transfer data for individual clients as needed or to create bulk transfers at a preset time and date.

There is no need to log information in one by one on client data and report in order to be transferred among providers and organizations. With the Client Data Integration feature, transferring and sharing documents could not be any more easier. As a MyOutcomes® subscriber, you are able to take advantage of this feature!

The third feature that subscribers of MyOutcomes® are entitled to use is the User Integration feature which is ideal for agencies and organizations that have a large number of providers to manage and work with. When User Integration feature is combined with the Client Integration service, time investment of supervisors and administrators in their client and provider management is gradually reduced for overall efficiency and performance.

The fourth new feature of MyOutcomes® Web Services Version 17.5 is the Single Sign-On feature which gives agencies and organizations' users the feeling that they are working solely on one system. After logging into their EHR account, the users can access their MyOutcomes® account with just a single click and no more additional login steps. The Single Sign-On service can be used separately or combined with other services.

The Client Integration, Client Data Integration, User Integration, and Single Sign-On are the four new features that MyOutcomes® Web Services Version 17.5 added for clients, agencies, and organizations to conveniently access.

Please visit the MyOutcomes® website in collaboration with Streamline at http://streamlineyourbusiness.ca/myoutcomes-web-services/ for inquiries and further information on access or subscription to these new features and services. By filling out the form on the provided link, you are a step closer to accessing these new and efficient services!

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